NYS DOCCS Correctional Officers represent more than 65% of the Battiloro Law Group’s clientele. Correctional Officers require a unique firm focused towards the intricacies of handling a NYS DOCCS claim. That firm is ours. We have successfully settled and recovered copious amounts in awards for correctional officers over the past 9 years. 

Our Loyal Clientele

The Battiloro Law Group was started for the people, and is sustained by the satisfied people. 98% of our CO’s have been referred by another CO. In turn, these satisfied clients have referred swap partners, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and colleagues, who have utilized our services for subsequent claims. This is a testament to the hard work of our attorneys and staff who are skilled and knowledgeable in handling NYS DOCCS claims. 

Examples of compensable claims CO can call us to handle

  • When an inmate smokes too much K2, thinks they are superman, and assaults and injures one of our CO’s
  • When an inmate decides to commit suicide and hang himself in the cell, and one of our warriors needs to lift the body which at times can weigh in excess of 250 pounds, and they suffer an injury
  • When an inmate gets bored with writing with his pen on paper and decides to stab a CO
  • When a “1S” inmate decides not to take his meds for a whole week because he is “cheeking them” to sell in the yard, goes ballistic and tries to fight 3 CO’s at once…..after the takedown, the affected CO calls us

A NYS DOCCS CO being represented by us has clear advantages

  • Rapport with the insurance carrier, the New York State Insurance Fund, Rapport with the Judges, and Rapport with defense counsel

We have forged relationships built on trust and reputation, not only with our clients, but the ones who can hold the fate of a claim in their hands.  We deal ethically and fairly with them. In return, they are responsive and reasonable with us. 

Winning record at trial on behalf of CO’s

A trial against one of our clients is a trial against all of them. In NY Workers’ Compensation, when a decision is made by a judge, that decision becomes guidance for other claims against the injured worker. Through careful preparation and a stellar trial record, the Battiloro Law Group has the winning strategy. Most recently, our Firm won a major victory in regards to the way SLU settlements are handled against CO’s. 

The numbers don’t lie: value of our client’s SLU awards vs. all other workers

The average value of a schedule loss of use award

Statewide: $18,952 

TBLG Clients: $41,357

Our skilled attorney’s understand how to negotiate CO claims

At the Battiloro Law Group, only attorneys settle claims. The majority of law firms allow paralegals to handle the settlement. While we have trusted and respected support staff, that is what they are: support of the attorneys who handle the negotiations of awards. 

Our attorney’s understand the intricacies of a CO claim, whether it is working out a large package deal for multiple claims with overlapping sites of injury, or negotiating a basket of claims prior to retirement. We recognize your bottom line is of utmost importance and understand the value of an attorney negotiating versus a paralegal. 

Allowing our Firm the privilege of handling your claim is a win for you and testament to our years of hard work and dedication to the practice of workers’ compensation. Monetary recovery under this system is your right under the law, one that we take seriously. Our track record precedes us, and we welcome the opportunity to keep winning, to keep settling, and to maintain the satisfaction of  current and future clients. 


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