Correctional Officers


The Battiloro Law Group is the clear choice for NYS DOCCS Correctional Officers. Here’s why.

Correctional Officers:
Account for more than 65 percent of The Battiloro Law Group clientele. This gives us a significant advantage over other firms. We are well versed when it comes to representing the rights of Correctional Officers.

Our Loyal Clientele:
98 percent of our COs refer us to another CO.

Our clients come back to us. They send their swap partners to us. They send their sergeants and lieutenants to us. And all those colleagues come back to us if they are injured again.

What CO’s Endure on a Day to Day Basis and Call Us For:

  • An inmate smokes K2 and loses the ability to use rational thought. He then assaults an officer in a belligerent rage and causes many injuries, that CO calls us.
  • An inmate weighing more than 250 pounds commits suicide. He ties a bedsheet to the bars of the cell and then hangs himself. One of our warriors responds to the cell, lifts the body to loosen the sheet and suffers an injury, that CO calls us.
  • An inmate gets bored with writing letters and instead he decides to use the pen to stab a CO, that CO calls us.
  • A level “1S” inmate decides not to take his meds for an entire week. Instead he “cheeks them” to sell in the yard. He goes ballistic and tries to fight 3 CO’s at once and all the officers get hurt, those CO’s call us.

An NYS DOCCS uniformed officer represented by us has clear advantages

We have rapport with the insurance carrier, Judges, and defense counsel.

The insurance carrier assigns DOCCS claims to units who predominantly only handle DOCCS. We have forged relationships built on trust and reputation with these adjusters. We deal with them in an ethical and fair manner and in return they are responsive and reasonable.

Winning Record At Trial on Behalf of COs

A trial against one of our CO clients is a trial against them all. In NY Workers Comp law, a decision from a judge becomes guidance for other claims against officers. We approach every trial like it’s a trial against all our COs. In March of 2020 The Battiloro Law Group scored one major victory on behalf of officers. Click here to read more.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – The Value of Our Client’s SLU Awards vs. All Other Workers

The average value of a schedule loss of use award:

  • Statewide – $18,952
  • Our Clients – $41,357

Our Skilled Attorneys Understand How to Negotiate CO Claims

Only our most skilled attorneys settle cases at our firm. Each of these attorneys has over ten years experience dealing with NYS DOCCS claims.

Our attorneys understand the intricacies of a CO claim. That may be working out a deal for 4 different cases with overlapping sites of injury. It might also be negotiating a basket of claims before retirement. Whatever it may be, our attorneys have been in the trenches, and we get results.