Correctional Officers


Pursuing Recovery on Behalf of New York Correctional Officers

The men and women who work as correctional officers for both the city and state of New York do one of the toughest and most important jobs in our society, and, as a result, they often have to deal with both physical and mental injuries for which they deserve fair compensation and benefits. At Battiloro Law, our attorneys are devoted to helping New York correctional officers bring successful actions to recover the benefits they are owed.

If you have been injured on the job as a correctional officer in New York, or believe you may be suffering physical and/or mental ailments which are the result of years of service as a correctional officer, contact one of our attorneys today to see how we can help. Our attorneys represent correctional officers in seeking recovery for various injuries, including:

  • Assault and violent attacks
  • Transportation-related accidents
  • Mental injuries, including stress
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Overexertion and sprains

Battiloro Law attorney Thomas Gearon is a former NYPD officer and experienced trial counsel who has won millions on behalf of injured city and state workers just like you. He and his fellow workplace accident attorneys at Battiloro Law are here to provide solutions in winning the justice you and your fellow correctional officers deserve.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us Today

By working with an attorney at Battiloro Law, you will have a trusted counselor and advisor in your corner who will navigate the proper legal channels on your behalf to get the recovery you deserve, whether through administrative avenues, workers’ compensation, or the civil courts. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work in taking the steps necessary to obtain the maximum recovery you and your family need as quickly as possible.


Can I recover for mental injuries such as stress on the job?

Without a doubt, correctional officers face an immense amount of stress on the job. It is the case that a correctional officer can successfully recover compensation for stress suffered on the job, but certain requirements apply. While stress is recognized as an injury which may serve as the basis of a workers’ compensation claim in New York, a worker must prove that the stress he or she has suffered exceeds that experienced by similarly situated workers. Thus, a correctional officer would have to prove that the stress he or she has suffered is greater than that suffered by the average correctional officer. If you have experienced stress as a correctional officer, contact our office to discuss whether you have a potentially successful claim.

Do I need to work with an attorney if I’m pursuing a claim outside of the courts?

You never need to work with an attorney, regardless of what type of claim you are bringing or def, but having an experienced attorney knowledgeable about the area of law you are dealing with and who is familiar with how to navigate the complicated procedures that stand between you and recovery can make a world of difference in: 1) whether you recover at all, 2) how much you recover, 3) whether you will face negative consequences for bringing a claim, 4) and how fast you will recover. The attorneys at Battiloro Law have significant experience both in law enforcement and working on behalf of injured workers in winning recovery in New York. We know how to defeat arguments and obstacles presented by employers, defendants, and insurers and win the recovery you deserve.